Golf Courses near Patoka Lake

37 golf courses found

Alvin C. Ruxer Park Golf Course
Boonville Country Club
Cedar Valley Golf Course Inc
Chariot Run Golf Club
Cherry Valley Golf Course
Christmas Lake Golf Course
Country Oaks Golf Club
Covered Bridge Golf Club
Doe Valley Country Club
Eagle View Golf Club
French Lick Springs Resort
Green Valley Golf Club
Hidden Hills Golf Course
Hillcrest Country Club
Hoosier Heights Country Club
Huntingburg Country Club
J Rock Ridge Golf Community
Jasper Country Club
Jasper Municipal Golf Course
Lakeview Golf Course
New Albany Country Club
New Salisbury Golf Course
Oakland City Golf Club
Old Capital Golf Club
Old English Golf Course
Otis Park Golf Club
Paoli Country Club
Persimmon Ridge Golf Course
Prides Creek Golf Course
Shawnee Golf Course
Stone Crest Golf Community
Sultan's Run Golf Club
Valley View Golf Club Inc
Washington Country Club
Western Hills Country Club
Windward Heights Country Club
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